shavonne, was born in Melbourne Australia. She grew up in South Africa. She grew up in a musical family that listened to all genres but traditional country appeals to her the most. Her family and herself moved to NZ in 2006 and then moved to Auckland from Christchurch after the 2nd big earthquake in 2011.
She has always had a passion for country music. Her aim is to try and reinstate the lost traditional country sound. There are 4 original songs on her album
Life's reflections - written by shavonne
Fiddles and wine
If you're gonna leave me
Ice in my glass - these 3 were written by Terry Stephenson of Texas. Shavonne is also working with great songwriters in Nashville Mike Jones and Jerry Howard who penned: reflections of a fool.

Shavonne's music is produced and arranged by the extremely talented Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studios in orewa in Auckland. 

She is over the moon to be at this point after just completing her album and getting positive feedback from the public, as she has had numerous rejections in music circles. Shavonne is now receiving international airplay thanks to great promoter friends and wonderful DJs. In March of 2016 on the top 200 international mainstream country airplay chart, compiled by Joyce Ramgatie of the Netherlands, saw Shavonne ranked at number 1 of 200 and no 8 on the top 40 singles with "no one will ever know ", only after 3 weeks of completing the album. 

She hopes that this is a good start and hopefully it will be the beginnings of a very long and enjoyable career in the music industry. Her aim is to be recognised as a traditional country artist who arose from New Zealand and who helped put New Zealand on the global map for this genre, which she feels is lagging behind other genres at this time. even though she does some covers, she puts her own spin on them to create a unique sound, to which she feels she has achieved.
Shavonne hopes her music reaches and touches the listeners out there.
Purchase Shavonne's music on
Purchase Shavonne's music on

Purchase shavonne's music on

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Request shavonne on WSM all of her songs are now at WSM Radio, Grand Ole Opry Radio. We would really appreciate if you would go on line at  the below link & request shavonne's songs

Thank you so much to everyone! Let's get a little Auckland girl to the Opry!!

If you're in New Zealand or even around the globe, and love traditional country music, next week Sunday 26th March 2017, tune into the breeze country. Shavonne, who lives in Kaikohe, will be having a chat with the host Mike Puru and one of her songs will go to air! 

Thank you to everyone for your support in this venture.

here's the online listening link